New Info As of 2020

CCBill has dropped Pornoasis and my site and all the other sites because of a new rule where we can not mention having any alcohol around someone who has sex. Like full on adults can't have a drink and fuck. We were able to find this violation on many many other sites, but they claimed those were "grandfathered" in. Unfortunately, this means changes to the site and billing system that are beyond my control. In fact, the ONLY way now to gain access to my videos and/or members area is through Paypal donations. It's not instant access and it sucks, but, it's more personal and you know it goes to me instead of a huge chunk to a shitty billing service.

As you probably know, if you follow my twitter or anything else, I got help setting up this site from Sati and Lance, and even though my Paypal has my email on it, it will likely show up under one of their names. It's fine, it's still for my site. In any case, sorry about that, and if it means you won't subscribe, then I understand and it sucks. I make so little from this site as it is, so I can only expect this will make things worse.

So, here's how it's going to go now. If you donate $5 you will gain access to just my full length video clips. It's an hour of video so I feel like that's totally worth five bucks. If you go to ManyVids to purchase clips, you'd spend hundreds likely to get that much video. I will have these videos in their own unique members area. When you donate via Paypal, I will see the email and set up a u/p for you to get into that area. Your u/p will stay valid for a month or so.

If you donate $10 then I will give you a u/p for my full members area. At the time of writing this, there are almost 200 photos and exactly 1 hour of video. Again, I feel like that's a fair deal for ten dollars. If not, I understand. Once I get the email, I will set up the username/password. Your u/p will stay valid for about a month or so.

If you donate more than that just to say thanks and to help me out, I will set up a u/p and then your account will stay valid for an extended period. If/when I finally get some new content (or add other content) you will have access to that as well!