I got started by going to Sati's parties, but soon I will branch out and do my own! The following pics are from her parties or other parties I've attended. Below that you'll find a schedule of what I will be doing in case you want to attend. I am always looking for more parties around the Tampa area to attend. I will come to most anything, orgies, gangbangs, swinger parties, long as my friend can come to take photos!

As of June 2016, I have no current party schedule. I tried going out to that Webgirl Bar Meet that they do on the first Thursday of every month, but it's just so lame I stopped going. Sati said they used to fuck in the bar and everything. But I guess they changed bars and now it's just terrible karaoke. The bar was even having a birthday party and every single table was everyone in the webgirl group had to pretty much stand in the bar! No thanks!

I am considering starting my own Webgirl Meet. I don't know any other webgirls in this area but surely there are some younger girls that would like to do something fun either once a month or even more often. For now, I am putting out here publically that I will be at The Dive Bar and Grill in Port Richey almost every single Thursday from 7pm until 9pm. I know it's not very central to most Tampa people, but it's the best I can do for now. This is nothing more than being able to say hello and have a drink. I go there every Thursday because it's Ladies Night and I get to drink for free from 7pm to 9pm! And I'm FREE DRINKS!

Please let me know if you know of anything else I can attend. Or if you'd like to co-host something with me, let me know that too! My partner (male friend) has to be able to come with me and be able to take at least a few pics!